Monday, May 29, 2017

Week #46: Transfer Week, Dodgeball and Kanji

The mission is doing great we are teaching four strong investigators and things are going great. We were a little busy this last week with transfers, this means more missionaries and needing to update things in the computer as well as help the new missionaries get set up with stuff.  Things are going well one interesting thing that happened in the office is there is a person who on Facebook is causing problems an anti-Mormon rhetoric.  He is posting negative posts on missionaries Facebook as well as reporting missionaries profiles as not using their real names. Because we use Elder and Sister on our Facebook page, we have blocked him for the most part, but he tries to message missionaries and sends his weird beliefs to people.

This week has been awesome we have done various typical transfer week stuff like training sessions and office work and then we taught some investigators that pretty much sums it up,  we helped sister Nagano with her PowerPoint presentation for a conference where she will teach on organization and cleanliness.

Also this week when the new missionaries came we woke up to early the night after they came and went to play soccer, with President Nagano it was pretty fun half of us played dodge-ball half played soccer it was a blast.   We won of course because well I was on President Nagano 's team.

You asked how my study of Japanese and Kanji is coming along, it it is still one of my daily tasks and goals.  Though some missionaries never learn kanji, it really helps to be able to read it in many circumstances.   But you can get by without learning it, I believe for you to be the most effective teacher and missionary you should learn it as much as you can.  We read in Japanese multiple times a day, so in my opinion, if you invest in learning it now it will benefit you in the future. But I really just use kanji as the foundation to my learning because you can learn it, its simple as memorize the meaning of a <3 symbol means love really I just look at the kanji and keep trying to remember the readings in a kind of flashcard setting... ( in the beginning I focused on writing but that doesn't have as much use as a missionary so I have moved towards focusing on reading) You can type in this mission on your tablet so no need to learn to write but eventually i will get there.

Learning more and more each day, blessed by the opportunity to be here and hope to bless the lives of those I come in contact with.

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