Monday, May 29, 2017

Week #46: Transfer Week, Dodgeball and Kanji

The mission is doing great we are teaching four strong investigators and things are going great. We were a little busy this last week with transfers, this means more missionaries and needing to update things in the computer as well as help the new missionaries get set up with stuff.  Things are going well one interesting thing that happened in the office is there is a person who on Facebook is causing problems an anti-Mormon rhetoric.  He is posting negative posts on missionaries Facebook as well as reporting missionaries profiles as not using their real names. Because we use Elder and Sister on our Facebook page, we have blocked him for the most part, but he tries to message missionaries and sends his weird beliefs to people.

This week has been awesome we have done various typical transfer week stuff like training sessions and office work and then we taught some investigators that pretty much sums it up,  we helped sister Nagano with her PowerPoint presentation for a conference where she will teach on organization and cleanliness.

Also this week when the new missionaries came we woke up to early the night after they came and went to play soccer, with President Nagano it was pretty fun half of us played dodge-ball half played soccer it was a blast.   We won of course because well I was on President Nagano 's team.

You asked how my study of Japanese and Kanji is coming along, it it is still one of my daily tasks and goals.  Though some missionaries never learn kanji, it really helps to be able to read it in many circumstances.   But you can get by without learning it, I believe for you to be the most effective teacher and missionary you should learn it as much as you can.  We read in Japanese multiple times a day, so in my opinion, if you invest in learning it now it will benefit you in the future. But I really just use kanji as the foundation to my learning because you can learn it, its simple as memorize the meaning of a <3 symbol means love really I just look at the kanji and keep trying to remember the readings in a kind of flashcard setting... ( in the beginning I focused on writing but that doesn't have as much use as a missionary so I have moved towards focusing on reading) You can type in this mission on your tablet so no need to learn to write but eventually i will get there.

Learning more and more each day, blessed by the opportunity to be here and hope to bless the lives of those I come in contact with.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week #45: Mother's Day Skype and A week in the life...

It's a journal highlight letter as things are busy busy with transfers.

This week for Pday we called home for Mother's Day,  it was awesome, it is always a joy to call home and see family. After that we headed to get groceries then we went home then to ikebukuro to meet Takadakyodaii.  We went to a few restaurants before finding a good one we ending up going to this meat place I don't even know but anyways we ordered some hamburgs which is just like a ball of beef, its pretty okay I ordered a big huge 450g one the biggest they had there which wasn't too huge but definitely a big size, my companion got a normal Japanese 100g hamburg. His meal cost i think 800 yen, mine was 1800 yen. It was worth it.  Anyways fun we talked with takada lyodaii and then we visited a hotel, I do not know what it is called but it has a garden inside it we took pictures and walked around and talked and it was free so why not. My companion had visited the hotel before and stayed there with his family he said, its garden its rated like top 6 in free tourist attractions my companion said, anyways super nice place. Was a fun day we came back ate and then went to family home evening with the single's ward where we made sushi rolls they are pretty good, i didn't put much fish in mine because I don't want to die, but ya it was a fun day.


So we started the day with planning then we did personal study, then went off traveling towards ikebukuro towards this music Daigaku, we probably biked around for about an hour and a half stopping people we passed and talking to them. We were biking and we saw this pretty long line outside this Ramen place called "Me toku"? Something like that so I told my companion I feel like some Ramen and that place had been suggested to us just  yesterday when we ran into a return missionary with Takada kyodaii. Anyways we headed to the restaurant, our plan was to talk to people in the line. We hardly had to make an effort two people one adult working guy who worked and the office and his co worker friend talked to us, asked what we do, how we learned Japanese and other fun stuff, it was pretty good conversation for about 15 minutes while we were in line. Then they went it to eat.  We were still waiting and we talked to the person behind us a teenage kid who knew English and we had a short conversation, we ordered and ate quickly. The people we talked to we have out Chirashis(flyers) to and invited them. From there we headed to the Music college, where we did our companion study, talking to people on the way there and then headed back. We did some office work some language study and other fun stuff. We finished the night with bible class reading and discussing in English Romans 8 and then watching 2 bible videos related to it. That was our day....


We met with an investigator we met a few days back, he was really nice, he is from Mongolia he has been living in japan for 8 years, he speaks very good Japanese he also speaks Chinese, Mongolian and French, he is very smart. He is actually Christian. We met him at the church, he came late because he couldn't find the church. He came in he walked in the church with us to meet and then as he walked he said( 神様の匂いです。) "Kamisama no nioi desu."  Meaning it smells like god, he is a pretty funny guy he hadn't been in a church for about 8 years he said, so he was delighted to come. We talked to him about missionaries asked what he expects, and he said he hopes to come closer to Christ and God. He is a very nice and humble person he is 28 just graduated Waseda and now looking for a job. We asked him to read the restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon and he said he will and meet with us again. We also that day had our eikaiwa classes (english class) and we talk those we had a game and also worked in the office and that was our day.


Thursday the big thing we did was meet with a man we met who is Arabic he is very kind and interested in learning about Christianity he shared about his beliefs and we discussed with him asked him in depth what he believes and we shared the restoration with him and asked him to pray about it. He is very kind and willing to listen, so happy to meet with him again.

 We taught English and went finding... we ran sports night and and played dodge ball with some students. 楽しっかた。😄


We had district meeting in the morning we talked about the power of the Book of Mormon, also we talked about family history, we mogi-ed (roleplayed) we talked about the zone vision of a renewed understanding of our calling. After district meeting we had staff meeting, it was Elder Dibble's birthday so after staff meeting we went to Johnathon's and had a birthday lunch with Elder dibble, he is one of the senior missionaries who is the financial clerk, he is very jolly and full of joy, he is like 78 or something and still wakes up everyday and runs 4 miles, he has a log of all the miles he has ran and i think he has said he ran more then 40,000. Which is just like crazy. He is super nice and the jolliest old man you will ever met.  Afterwards we headed to the office did some office work, updated the continuity book. Did some study... then had music night . It was a awesome day... things are going awesome.

Sunday, was a good old day we had our usual bunch of church meetings and then a devotional afterwards for recent converts and investigators, where people shared their testimonies and we ate pizza, it was a pretty cool experience.  We got to hear a lot of testimonies born, and then we watched, a bunch of Elder Oak's devotional, we were  a little busy with office work and this next week need to spend a little bit of time in the office, but things are going great, our investigators came to church.  They are awesome guys and look forward to meeting with them more and seeing them at church, things are going great.

By the way transfer announcement was last night I am staying and so is my companion, the only change is I am district leader now. Which should be fun.

100g Hamburger patty - Normal Japanese Style

450g Hamburger Patty - Five Guy Style

Did I mention we went to the Zoo?

Challenged this guy to read the Book of Mormon

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #33: Transfers, Giants Robots and the case of the missing scarf.

Doing some street contacts with giant robots!

 So I am now in my new area. I am in the Nakano ward.  We attended two wards this week the SA (not to be confused with a YSA ward) and the family ward and had church from 10-3 and then more meetings till 5 lots of crazy stuff.... after that we spent time in the office working on editing a video and we are apparently suppose to take down the portal that we use to send in all the stats and information for the mission, because of change in church policy and now they are going to just use email to report staff and we are suppose to make some forms or something which, I do not entirely understand because well me and my companion just got here a few days ago.... so should be fun we have a rough idea, things just work out so not worried... we are creating a video for Sister Nagano's cooking....all fun an exciting, learning new things, new responsibilities.

The trip was a little crazy we took three trains to get to Nakano, where I serve now and at the last train before we get there we were suppose to meet up with Elder Atkinson's new companion and we went here and there looking for him but couldn't find him.  We then ran into some sister missionaries traveling, it is a small world on transfer day I guess, anyways we told them we were looking for him and then they found him and brought him to us.  Sister missionaries are incredible!   Things worked out but I was carrying a bag, and backpack and a bike through all this, fun stuff.....

See on transfers we can ship 2 bags, if you are a sister you can ship 3 bags,  and the other stuff you have to carry.... sometimes tough but all is's not like we had to pack up the handcart and walk it to the new area.

Tomorrow is the MLC- Missionary Leadership meeting which is for all the Zone leaders and which is from 9:30-4 tomorrow which is kinda crazy but I always have found conferences fun for some reasons.  Not sure about this one as I haven't been to this one yet..... I am sure it will be the same....

My new companion is elder Jacob Anderson I believe that is his name.  He is cool I like him a lot so far.   He is a transfer younger them me meaning he came to the mission 6 weeks after me so pretty much the same.  He is smart, super nice, I love him he is really humble.  Things are going great and I think we are working together really well. I haven't sent any pictures but will do so soon.

I lost my scarf.  It was a good scarf. It kept me warm.  I am sad.  I hope the scarf found a new neck to keep warm.

That is it for this week, will right more once I get my feet under me and I figure out what all is going on.

See this scarf? I loved this scarf! It was the last time I saw this scarf before I lost it somewhere.  Poor scarf. I miss it.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #28: Another Week...

Sorry for the short letter this week.  I hit one of those weeks where I feel like I have told you everything about this place.

This week we are having a meeting that may be altering our missionary schedule a bit and give us 10 hours of dendo instead of 8 hours. Sounds hard, but hard stuff will make us tougher, and I don't know anything about it besides rumors anyways.  We will find out.

My companion told me a story about his seminary teacher, who had the brilliant idea to make a letter from the first presidency writing about how they are changing the dating age to 18. Pretty brilliant, and definitely a fun idea. It was funny because my companion was just about to turn 16  and be able to date and had been wanting to, so it crushed him. Anyways a funny story to share.

Story number 2, can you tell I am trying to stretch this email and looking for content.  So we were giving out chidashi to a bunch of people and I grab one out of my jacket pocket not realizing it is badly wrinkled, inviting him to church, and the kokosei (high school student) grab the chidashi (flier) and sniffs it I couldn't but stop from bursting out laughing.  It was an accident but funny.

Also this week we have been calling a friend here who before wanted to take the lessons but stopped because it was too much for her.  But again decided to take lessons so that is exciting.

Fun Fact:  It is not uncommon for people to pee outside here, especially old men.  One day we were riding past our apartment and this guy is peeing he yells,  "Dangit!"  and runs off. I am like how did he know English?

Also this week we went to Tateyama, we stopped this one boy on our way out of the train station asking if he wants to learn English and soon like five other girls gathered around and are interested also in learning and came to our class that night.  It was funny because the street contact started with a simple, 'like what you guys doing here'... anyways a good old fun day... we relaxed and had dinner on the beach again with Takashi as well as played football during our dinner time and some youth joined in. Pretty awesome.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #26: Temple trip, new companion, and a kitty

This week we went to the temple with our friend Yii shimai who was recently baptized, where we did baptisms for the dead she had an amazing experience she said. Before she entered into the water she said she was praying and she felt her Heavenly Father's spirit really strongly. She is honestly amazing.

We also had our emergency transfer and my new companion is Elder Atkinson, which is cool a lot of fun,  he and I came in at the same time to Japan same doki, so our understanding is about the same. A little tough sometimes but we are doing good. He is from St. George, Utah.  He must be used to the warm weather there, as with Elder Rodgers we never turned on the heater in our apartment, to conserve electricity, so I guess I am just used to it, but atkinson chourou is a wimp and always wants it on!   Guess this is a minor, how to get along with your companion type thing.    We have had a busy and tough week so far still trying to get used to things little sad rogers chourou left of course was a good senkyoshi (missionary).

I put some photos of a kitty we found.  We were standing at a shrine thing and a little kitty walked onto the shoe of our recent convert friend Jonivaar.  Soe he picked it up and put it in his jacket and rode home with it.  As he was biking home it climbed on his back hood and grabbing on for dear life. It was kinda funny.   I think deep inside we wanted to take the cat home and adopt him, our branch president's wife told us how her father had a cat his whole mission...but we decided to be obedient and not take it home to adopt.  Plus who wants that expense and that responsibility!

Also this week we visited our friend who leaves out in an inaka area a rice farmer, who is old and speaks some tough Japanese, we taught him and he said he thinks he can make it to church the week after next. And during a typhoon we stopped a guy, we explained what we do and he says he wants to learn more. So excited to do this great work, especially now with my training wheels off.

The best restaurant with Elder Atkinson

Jonivaar and the kitty named little rogers

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week #25: Happy New Year

 This week has been great, tons of great work. So we started out the week with splits with the Zone leaders, I worked with Elder Law where we visited a few members and did tons of biking, and worked with their recent convert Takahashi. Super good experience, it was a pleasure to work with Elder Law, really great experience. We focused particularly on listening to the Holy ghost, talking with everyone and finding the joy in the work. I believe we were successful on all fronts and it was a great and strong day. Lots to learn from his humble and joyful example, and I never fail to learn something from him. I grateful to work with such strong servants of the Lord.
This week we have been visiting lots of members and discussing with them the New Year.  Asking about what plans, and New Year's resolutions they want to make.  Then trying to encourage and uplift them to make goals regarding dendo and helping to hasten the Lord's work. The members are very kind and willing to always help. This has been a great experience and the members have also stuffed us full with plenty of food.
        We are working together to have Yi, Jonivar and Takashi get to the temple with us. Praying for schedules to work though. Yi is super strong, reading the Book of Mormom every day, and praying every day. Same with Jonivar except sometimes his work schedule is a little crazy. But he does all he can.
        Throughout the week, we been doing lots of finding, housing and streeting, hoping someone will want to hear about their Father in Heaven, and  "... that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some." (Alma 26:30)

For we know,  "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God" D&C: 18:10-

        Also this week, we had district meeting where we had training's on opening your mouth, and working with members and also did some mogi's in order to work on, companionship unity and flow. Altogether this week has been strong, excited for what more is yet to come in the new year, shinnenomedetou, feliz año nuevo.

     This week we had eikaiwa taught about various English, sayings or tellings, always enjoy eikaiwa it is a simple break from running around.  We also visited another church as some of our students said another church has a similiar thing and we heard they had food, so we decided to investigate.

Big news also, emergency transfer (basically this just means ooff-cycle transfer), my companion is moving to Takasaki? Something like that, and I am getting a new companion, I still don't understand people like 1/5 of the time and still don't know everything about kisarazu or how to get around, so my new companion and I will probably just do our best and probably get lost some, nor probably get lost a lot.  He is the same transfer as me in my doki (same class, came at the same time) so he is as far as I know at the same level as me in Japanese. I can do ok, but will be fun no doubt to figure things out and a growing experience.

With the new year, we don't go out much contacting, it is a big holiday and everyone is too busy,  so we read and study a lot, cleaned a lot and did get to go out and visit some shrines and observe the culture.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Week #24: Christmas!

We didn't really receive a letter from Elder Wilcox today because we got to do one better which was to talk with him through Google Chat on Christmas and wish him a Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.  

We just had to try it out ..."Hot Menu" 24 hours a day...

This hamburger came from that vending machine?