Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #33: Transfers, Giants Robots and the case of the missing scarf.

Doing some street contacts with giant robots!

 So I am now in my new area. I am in the Nakano ward.  We attended two wards this week the SA (not to be confused with a YSA ward) and the family ward and had church from 10-3 and then more meetings till 5 lots of crazy stuff.... after that we spent time in the office working on editing a video and we are apparently suppose to take down the portal that we use to send in all the stats and information for the mission, because of change in church policy and now they are going to just use email to report staff and we are suppose to make some forms or something which, I do not entirely understand because well me and my companion just got here a few days ago.... so should be fun we have a rough idea, things just work out so not worried... we are creating a video for Sister Nagano's cooking....all fun an exciting, learning new things, new responsibilities.

The trip was a little crazy we took three trains to get to Nakano, where I serve now and at the last train before we get there we were suppose to meet up with Elder Atkinson's new companion and we went here and there looking for him but couldn't find him.  We then ran into some sister missionaries traveling, it is a small world on transfer day I guess, anyways we told them we were looking for him and then they found him and brought him to us.  Sister missionaries are incredible!   Things worked out but I was carrying a bag, and backpack and a bike through all this, fun stuff.....

See on transfers we can ship 2 bags, if you are a sister you can ship 3 bags,  and the other stuff you have to carry.... sometimes tough but all is's not like we had to pack up the handcart and walk it to the new area.

Tomorrow is the MLC- Missionary Leadership meeting which is for all the Zone leaders and which is from 9:30-4 tomorrow which is kinda crazy but I always have found conferences fun for some reasons.  Not sure about this one as I haven't been to this one yet..... I am sure it will be the same....

My new companion is elder Jacob Anderson I believe that is his name.  He is cool I like him a lot so far.   He is a transfer younger them me meaning he came to the mission 6 weeks after me so pretty much the same.  He is smart, super nice, I love him he is really humble.  Things are going great and I think we are working together really well. I haven't sent any pictures but will do so soon.

I lost my scarf.  It was a good scarf. It kept me warm.  I am sad.  I hope the scarf found a new neck to keep warm.

That is it for this week, will right more once I get my feet under me and I figure out what all is going on.

See this scarf? I loved this scarf! It was the last time I saw this scarf before I lost it somewhere.  Poor scarf. I miss it.

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