Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #28: Another Week...

Sorry for the short letter this week.  I hit one of those weeks where I feel like I have told you everything about this place.

This week we are having a meeting that may be altering our missionary schedule a bit and give us 10 hours of dendo instead of 8 hours. Sounds hard, but hard stuff will make us tougher, and I don't know anything about it besides rumors anyways.  We will find out.

My companion told me a story about his seminary teacher, who had the brilliant idea to make a letter from the first presidency writing about how they are changing the dating age to 18. Pretty brilliant, and definitely a fun idea. It was funny because my companion was just about to turn 16  and be able to date and had been wanting to, so it crushed him. Anyways a funny story to share.

Story number 2, can you tell I am trying to stretch this email and looking for content.  So we were giving out chidashi to a bunch of people and I grab one out of my jacket pocket not realizing it is badly wrinkled, inviting him to church, and the kokosei (high school student) grab the chidashi (flier) and sniffs it I couldn't but stop from bursting out laughing.  It was an accident but funny.

Also this week we have been calling a friend here who before wanted to take the lessons but stopped because it was too much for her.  But again decided to take lessons so that is exciting.

Fun Fact:  It is not uncommon for people to pee outside here, especially old men.  One day we were riding past our apartment and this guy is peeing he yells,  "Dangit!"  and runs off. I am like how did he know English?

Also this week we went to Tateyama, we stopped this one boy on our way out of the train station asking if he wants to learn English and soon like five other girls gathered around and are interested also in learning and came to our class that night.  It was funny because the street contact started with a simple, 'like what you guys doing here'... anyways a good old fun day... we relaxed and had dinner on the beach again with Takashi as well as played football during our dinner time and some youth joined in. Pretty awesome.

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