Monday, January 2, 2017

Week #25: Happy New Year

 This week has been great, tons of great work. So we started out the week with splits with the Zone leaders, I worked with Elder Law where we visited a few members and did tons of biking, and worked with their recent convert Takahashi. Super good experience, it was a pleasure to work with Elder Law, really great experience. We focused particularly on listening to the Holy ghost, talking with everyone and finding the joy in the work. I believe we were successful on all fronts and it was a great and strong day. Lots to learn from his humble and joyful example, and I never fail to learn something from him. I grateful to work with such strong servants of the Lord.
This week we have been visiting lots of members and discussing with them the New Year.  Asking about what plans, and New Year's resolutions they want to make.  Then trying to encourage and uplift them to make goals regarding dendo and helping to hasten the Lord's work. The members are very kind and willing to always help. This has been a great experience and the members have also stuffed us full with plenty of food.
        We are working together to have Yi, Jonivar and Takashi get to the temple with us. Praying for schedules to work though. Yi is super strong, reading the Book of Mormom every day, and praying every day. Same with Jonivar except sometimes his work schedule is a little crazy. But he does all he can.
        Throughout the week, we been doing lots of finding, housing and streeting, hoping someone will want to hear about their Father in Heaven, and  "... that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some." (Alma 26:30)

For we know,  "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God" D&C: 18:10-

        Also this week, we had district meeting where we had training's on opening your mouth, and working with members and also did some mogi's in order to work on, companionship unity and flow. Altogether this week has been strong, excited for what more is yet to come in the new year, shinnenomedetou, feliz año nuevo.

     This week we had eikaiwa taught about various English, sayings or tellings, always enjoy eikaiwa it is a simple break from running around.  We also visited another church as some of our students said another church has a similiar thing and we heard they had food, so we decided to investigate.

Big news also, emergency transfer (basically this just means ooff-cycle transfer), my companion is moving to Takasaki? Something like that, and I am getting a new companion, I still don't understand people like 1/5 of the time and still don't know everything about kisarazu or how to get around, so my new companion and I will probably just do our best and probably get lost some, nor probably get lost a lot.  He is the same transfer as me in my doki (same class, came at the same time) so he is as far as I know at the same level as me in Japanese. I can do ok, but will be fun no doubt to figure things out and a growing experience.

With the new year, we don't go out much contacting, it is a big holiday and everyone is too busy,  so we read and study a lot, cleaned a lot and did get to go out and visit some shrines and observe the culture.

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