Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #26: Temple trip, new companion, and a kitty

This week we went to the temple with our friend Yii shimai who was recently baptized, where we did baptisms for the dead she had an amazing experience she said. Before she entered into the water she said she was praying and she felt her Heavenly Father's spirit really strongly. She is honestly amazing.

We also had our emergency transfer and my new companion is Elder Atkinson, which is cool a lot of fun,  he and I came in at the same time to Japan same doki, so our understanding is about the same. A little tough sometimes but we are doing good. He is from St. George, Utah.  He must be used to the warm weather there, as with Elder Rodgers we never turned on the heater in our apartment, to conserve electricity, so I guess I am just used to it, but atkinson chourou is a wimp and always wants it on!   Guess this is a minor, how to get along with your companion type thing.    We have had a busy and tough week so far still trying to get used to things little sad rogers chourou left of course was a good senkyoshi (missionary).

I put some photos of a kitty we found.  We were standing at a shrine thing and a little kitty walked onto the shoe of our recent convert friend Jonivaar.  Soe he picked it up and put it in his jacket and rode home with it.  As he was biking home it climbed on his back hood and grabbing on for dear life. It was kinda funny.   I think deep inside we wanted to take the cat home and adopt him, our branch president's wife told us how her father had a cat his whole mission...but we decided to be obedient and not take it home to adopt.  Plus who wants that expense and that responsibility!

Also this week we visited our friend who leaves out in an inaka area a rice farmer, who is old and speaks some tough Japanese, we taught him and he said he thinks he can make it to church the week after next. And during a typhoon we stopped a guy, we explained what we do and he says he wants to learn more. So excited to do this great work, especially now with my training wheels off.

The best restaurant with Elder Atkinson

Jonivaar and the kitty named little rogers

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